About us

Our company
KINESIQ designs, assembles and markets medical equipment that improves the quality of life and the physical condition of fragile people.

Our mission
To change the way healthcare is provided by offering rehabilitation and functional autonomy preservation solutions that create positive experiences for all stakeholders using new technologies.

Our technology
Integrating technologies from the simulation and virtual reality worlds, KINESIQ offers an innovative and unique technology that reproduces a person’s foot movements. The immersion is complete as a monitor displays the activities associated to the motion: walking in a European city’s streets, riding in a gondola, skiing on a snowy mountain top, climbing stairs that lead to a historical site and so much more. The user can experience the real world, in a safe and controlled environment.

Our values
KINESIQ was founded with a desire to improve people’s life through innovation. We believe that health and autonomy can be achieved through interesting and stimulating experiences.

Our team
KINESIQ works with a multi-disciplinary and highly creative team to deliver a complete multi-sensory healthcare solution.

Our distributors