Helping vulnerable people regain autonomy
and maximize quality of life


KINESIQ designs, assembles and markets medical equipment integrating technologies from the simulation world in order to improve the quality of life and physical condition of fragile people. The main product allows the rehabilitation of the lower body due to injury, improves balance and reflexes. It is also designed to be integrated in falls prevention programs for the elderly but can be adapted to most types of patients, from the beginning of fragility to the end of life as well as those suffering from degenerative diseases.

KINESIQ offers an innovative and unique technology to reproduce a person’s foot movements, linked to multimedia content of the activity in question and can also be customized to the patient to work in parallel with their cognitive processing.

KINESIQ offers modern medical devices to improve balance, reflexes and the lower body capacities while working on reducing the effects of degenerative diseases. Their product takes the form of a simulator where the user stands while participating in activities such as walking, public transit, boating and much more, all designed specifically for fragile patients. Thanks to its innovative motion technology systems able to accurately reproduce a person’s foot movements on several axes and a monitor showing the activity to bring the patient in full immersion in the action just like if he was there. Movements in synch with multimedia content allow physical and mental readaptation which can be customised to the patient. Moreover, being a connected device, the treating therapist is able to follow the patient’s progress and also establish a diagnostic profile of his physical condition